Kuno Creative: #SocialMedia Benchmarking: “What To Measure”

A benchmark is a comparison to the standard. It allows us to weigh the performance of an action by comparing it to a previous accomplishment. In social media business, there are few things more important than reporting the performance of your social efforts through regular benchmarking. In this blog, we’ll review the metrics and benchmarking tactics used to judge social media marketing performance… Read More.


TNW: Lingua.ly adds open source translation platform Tatoeba in latest iOS update

The algorithm behind Lingua.ly works by indexing numerous foreign newspapers and blogs and pairing them with dictionaries, flashcard tools and vocabulary games that aim to help you improve your language skills in a more intuitive way. Lingua.ly currently supports 10 languages – English, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, French, Italian, Dutch, German and Portuguese… Read More.

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