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Marketing, Advertising,
Communications & Journalism


Corporate Voice

Ensures organizational voice accurately depicts message of organization.

Digital Policies

Enforce digital policies to maintain public relations and integrity of organization.

Metrics & Channels

Accurately reviews metrics & channels to ensure distribution of respective content.

Team Work

Collaborates with management & leaders to develop communications.

Creative Writing, Blogging
& Marketing Content Development 


 Back-End Writing Sample

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Microsoft Store

This plugin is written from the ground up by Joost de Valk and his team at Yoast to improve your site’s SEO on all needed aspects. While this Yoast SEO plugin goes the extra mile to take care of all the technical optimization, more on that below, it first and foremost helps you write better content.

If you haven’t heard about Google Analytics, it’s an amazing, free tool you can use to track everything related to your website visitor data – from how many, to where they’re coming from, to what they’re doing on your website (and what’s making them leave!).

7 Years Experience
Marketing & 


Digital Journalist
The Ledger-Enquirer

August 2014 – January 2015

Graphic Designer
at The Daily Union


Web Publishing, Content Management & Information Architecture


 Completed College Courses

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    Advanced Web Design & Development

    This course is created for Web page design and creation using industry standard Web design software. Students learn to use graphics, sound, video, animation, scripts, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to enhance Web pages. The course covers the advanced concepts of Web design and color with an emphasis on designing for visual appeal and user-friendly navigation. Students also gain an advanced knowledge of HTML/XHTML and the skills to publish and maintain Web sites.

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    Concepts of New Media

    This course is an introductory evaluation of the critical concepts of new media, and their impact on our society and culture. Through readings, lectures, group discussions and hands-on experience, students will study the technical, economic, political, legal, aesthetic, and cultural implications of new media.

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    Digital Media Delivery

    This advanced-level course will examine various software programs and techniques for generating, delivering and managing streaming/live media content. Students will learn digital media data types, compression technologies and streaming technologies. Tools and techniques for graphics and audio/video capture will be reviewed. Students will also explore applications for building content sharing in a networked environment. They will build a prototype Web application with streamed/live media as a final project.

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    Multimedia Authoring

    This course is geared toward multimedia designers who will be creating kiosks, CD ROM software, marketing and educational software, and interactive sites. Students will use a popular authoring software package to create an interactive multimedia presentation. The design, storyboarding, prototyping, testing and production techniques for creating a multimedia package will be followed with the final project.

Microsoft Store

Proactive, Strategic & Enthusiastic


 Key Attributes

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    Growth Hacker

    A growth hacker is an IT professional who uses elements of marketing and market research, along with technology and technical strategies, to provide marketing solutions to clients or employers. Here, the use of the term hacking indicates a use of logic processes and technology toward a specific end goal, in this case, customer retention and sales, rather than other uses of the word, which refer to illegal or aggressive behavior toward networks and IT systems.

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    Project Manager

    A project manager is the person responsible for leading a project from its inception to execution. This includes planning, execution and managing the people, resources and scope of the project. Project managers must have the discipline to create clear and attainable objectives and to see them through to successful completion. The project manager has full responsibility and authority to complete the assigned project.

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    Team Leader

    A team leader is someone who provides guidance, instruction, direction and leadership to a group of other individuals (the team) for the purpose of achieving a key result or group of aligned results. The team lead reports to a project manager (overseeing several teams). An effective team leader has a variety of traits and characteristics that encourage team members to follow him. Team leaders naturally possess certain qualities, such as compassion and integrity, or learn leadership skills through formal training and experience.

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    Digital Strategist

    In the fields of strategic management, marketing strategy and business strategy, digital strategy is the process of specifying an organization's vision, goals, opportunities and related activities in order to maximize the business benefits of digital initiatives to the organization. These can range from an enterprise focus, which considers the broader opportunities and risks that digital potentially creates (e.g., changes in the publishing industry) and often includes customer intelligence, collaboration, new product/market exploration, sales and service optimization, enterprise technology architectures and processes, innovation and governance; to more marketing and customer-focused efforts such as web sites, mobile, eCommerce, social, site and search engine optimization, and advertising.

Digital Project Management & Presentation/Training

Best Buy Co, Inc.

 Social Media Marketing Philosophy

Social Media Marketing can benefit your business, but only if you take it seriously.Christopher Thames

Businesses should be selling the professionals within the organization online, not trying to sale the logo, the business model or trying to keep false promises. More than ever, customers are interested in who they are speaking with on the other line, who they are providing comments or analysis to in surveys and wanting to know who is in charge of mobile marketing, e-commerce or social campaigns within an organization. For businesses looking to capture the market of the online collaborative consumers (ROI), CEOs all the way down the organizational ladder need to learn how to market themselves as “caregivers”, professionals and ultimately as real humans to their customer base. This means everyone within a particular organization should be constantly reaching out to the customer base online, not just the marketing department or the social media “experts”. Business people should be selling themselves not solely based on analysis, statistics, customer testimonies or through traditional marketing, but also through giving customers the opportunity to learn or even open a dialogue that does not seem automated online.

Engaging brands is made easy with social media marketing, engagement also helps with SEO.Christopher Thames
Bottom line, in order for businesses to be successful in online selling, the organization must accurately sale it’s individuals within that particular market or industry because simply stating that you care about your customers in your business model is simply not enough. It’s time for companies to really start opening up the books, sharing what’s in the business plans and stop holding board meetings with underlining agendas.

“I Am Your
Growth Hacker!”


 Growth Hackers Explained

Growth Hackers should focus on integrating metrics with people.Christopher Thames

Growth Hackers are truly unique individuals that go beyond the simple online trends and popularity of social media metrics to make an organization successful. As a matter of fact, Growth Hackers are usually not only the trendsetters of digital strategic analysis or ROI, but thought leaders in the digital realm of a particular industry or within their organization— entirely, whom which develop their own algorithms or inputs, outputs & processes to reach organizational goals. You may refer to them as Chief Digital Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, VPs of Marketing, Digital Strategists, Social Media Marketers, Online Coordinators, Digital Journalists, Digital Engineers or Content Managers—  there are a ton of names, sub-names or surnames of these very professional subject matter experts— which you can find on all levels of business. From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, in my very own experience, I have found most Growth Hackers to be entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs who have “failed” on multiple ventures, strategies or occasions from the digital marketing, tech start-up perspective. You may also find that a majority of Growth Hackers may have a background in Coding, Engineering, Marketing, IT, Web Development, Data Mining and even in Graphic Design. Amazingly, some Growth Hackers, exist off of their personal or professional brand alone and rely heavily upon leveraging connections or relationships to gather analysis in order to create growth.
— Mashable— Growth Hacker: A Buzzword Surrounded By Buzzwords

Technology &
 Marketing Communication Tools


Photoshop, Lightroom & InDesign

Sony Creative Software Inc.


Link Building,
Google Updates & Keyword SEO


 Screenshot of Yoast SEO

Building the SEO Business Culture

Building the SEO Business Culture means that the leadership must be willing to invest the time, warm bodies and resources into developing a professional Social Media Culture. In my recent experiences, most organizations have no idea what this means… ultimately this also means having some type of Marketing Budget to support Google Adwords Campaigning, Social Media Management Systems & Google Analytics for Monitoring (see Raven Tools or Sprout Social), Video Marketing & Production, Professional Business Blogging, Mobile Marketing and being able to PROPERLY train their employees on how to RE-PURPOSE or REPACKAGE the TRENDING CUSTOMERS INTEREST. Simply blogging about what your organization ‘wants’ to bring to the table is not enough. In order to engage potential customers, an organization must address the current and pending issues based on a presented solution that adds real value. Another huge problem that businesses have is that they do not want to invest in something that they are not absolutely sure about. It is the fear that keeps them from excelling in their digital media marketing for their business. Customer Key Concerns and Value Proposition SHOULD be above SEO Keywords.

SEO is more about popularity on Search Engines such as Google rather than keywords.Christopher Thames
This means creating a system specifically designed to address customer needs THAT YOU CAN BUILD UPON without violating Google Algorithms such as Panda or Penguin. This requires training from the leadership all the way down.

HTML5, CSS & Plugin U/I Design


 WordPress Web Development Strategy & Approach

Wordpress allows more time to develop your site rather than wasting time coding.Christopher Thames
In the open-source coding platform WordPress, I always strive to meet the customer’s expectations in web development specifically emphasizing design & functionality. I usually start with customized templates that have mobile responsive coding (Javascript & PHP) already placed within a certain theme and utilize HTML5 & CSS for the U/I Design phase. As I am developing a site, I always ensure that in each web browser that the website looks identical and check for mobile optimization as I build the website as well via tablet & smartphone. I ensure customer satisfaction by submitting screenshots throughout the process explaining each step. I also ensure that all content is SEO optimized utilizing a plugin called “SEO Yoast” and utilizing White Hat SEO practices while observing all Google Penguin & Panda updates.

3 Step Web Development Process

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    Information Gathering

    Obtain all available content from client to include videos, written content, images and other information such as podcasts, etc. for constructing the website. Begin delivering possible templates or designs that a client may like and the prices that are involved with web hosting, template purchase, API integrations and plugin prices.

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    Website Structuring

    The next step is sitting down with the client regarding information concerning their wireframe, structure and navigation integrations of their website. Figure out how the client wants their website to function rather if it includes jumps on the pages, buttons, sliders or a call-to-action.

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    Design & Layout

    Begin designing the website based on the customer request starting with the design & layout phase utilizing the Cornerstone site-builder, HTML5 and/or CSS. In the process of doing so, update the client on the current design process for the conceptual perspective to ensure that the client is satisfied with work currently being completed.

WordPress Responsive Business Theme

 Google Analytics, Adwords,
Sprout Social, Buffer & Hootsuite


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WordPress Analytics

Twitter Analytics

Facebook Analytics

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