@Kickstarter: Kickstarter project Tiko promises 3D printing for $179–but be prepared to wait

Among the possible reasons 3D printers aren’t yet household items: most are seriously lacking when it comes to decor-friendly design, and most have price tags that range from $500 to several thousand. The Tiko is a Kickstarter-fueled 3D printer with an early-backer price tag of $179. But just as surprising as the price is the design: It more closely resembles a Brita water filter than an industrial mechanical cube… Read More.


New U.S. #STEM support announced as young scientists amaze at White House science fair.

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is highlighting private-sector efforts to encourage more students from underrepresented groups to pursue education in science, technology, engineering and math. At the White House Science Fair on Monday, Obama will announce more than $240 million in pledges to boost the study of those fields, known as STEM. This year’s fair is focused on diversity… Read More.

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