Why Your Linkedin Profile Is A Source of Information and Not A Resume

Stop Boring People To Death!

There are hundreds of articles, Linkedin Tips, Linkedin Coach Survival Kits, Linkedin Recruiters and little magical tweaks throughout the internet on how to turn your Linkedin profile into a tired, boring resume

Bottom line, DON’T DO IT! Real professionals really don’t have the free time nor the will to read all of that crap on your profile!

So stop trying to stack your page with a ton of information that does not hold water nor the readers attention. In fact, your Linkedin profile should be something completely different and I will tell you why in this blog:

Your Linkedin profile should first of all, be a great source of information about you on several different levels. Personally, Professionally and Resourcefully. You should always pride yourself on being a great source of information because not everyone who looks at your profile is interested in bringing you on solely based off of your claims. There is a ton of more work to do!

Personally, Professionally and Resourcefully

Personally, your profile should display your personality traits through sincerity and by genuinely grasping the reader’s attention. Rather if you are an outgoing professional, a laid back kind of person or the ultimate “attention to detail” type of manager, your attitudes should reflect with ease through your wordplay.

It should not be composed of a bunch of numbers, metrics, graphs and recommendations. No one wants to look at statistics all day, they want to know who you are as a person, professional or an individual. So make sure that you put a little personal touch or spin on your Linkedin profile.

Professionally, your profile should not focus so much on the past and networking only through social media. You must let others know that you are willing to go above and beyond the cyber connection in order to achieve your goals or to give them what they want. 

In addition, your profile should provide excellent resources to better understand who you are as a professional, rather if it’s a blog that you own, other social media sites that align with your current job title, Linkedin groups that you lead or are apart of and or interesting links that are clearly defined.

Your Linkedin profile is NOT a resume! That is why you have Box.net and other applications provided to you by Linkedin so that you can post your resume in those particular areas. Most importantly, focus most of your attention on the future and not so much on the past.

Are You Really Resourceful?

Just how resourceful are you? Are you willing to help others achieve their goals or are you just a selfish person out to get what you want? 

Your profile can really be a turn off to others if it appears to be  more of a sales pitch or if it seems that you are trying to hard to convince someone about you. So in reference to this, STOP treating people like they are pieces of meat! 

Linkedin professionals are not stupid, they immediately know when you are out for self or if you are a low-life scammer and or a con man. So save yourself the embarrassment and just start a business page or have an additional link to support your products and services. 

People love information, so be as resourceful as you possibly can and connect with your target audience first! This will give you a positive image, an edge on the competition and make people want to share knowledge with you if you are putting more effort in helping them to succeed as well.

In closing, I hope that this blog was somewhat of an “eye opener” and it brings you down to some of the true realities about Linkedin. Don’t let anyone tell you that your Linkedin profile should be just a resume because it is absolutely NOT! Come to think about it, if everyone’s Linkedin profile was a resume or more about metrics and diagrams, then how would you be unique in the eye of the beholder? Just a thought.

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