Fresh Material Means New Linkedin Connections!

Still writing the same old stale blogs and posting topics, articles or discussions from contributors & other bloggers?
You may want to try reading those articles and blogs a little bit more. What I have discovered over the many years of my blogging and writing is that some amateur writers fail at the most important thing about writing or blogging… Getting inspired!
You may feel the need to change your environment, or change the way that you blog or maybe it’s the audience that you are targeting in your blogs. Are you too professional? Are you not professional enough? Are you just flat-out an uninteresting person? Whatever you do… Don’t doubt yourself because someone is paying attention.
Linkedin perhaps has been the greatest source for me to post my blogs, get good metrics for my posts and control the audience that I want to view my blogs or whom I feel is interested. The greatest part about posting my blogs on Linkedin is that they always attract new connections and with new connections come different experiences and more inspiration. These new connections also bring endorsements, recommendations, constructive criticism and introductions that overall, make me a better social media networker.
So for me, Linkedin is a constant inspiration of quality people who I can get honest opinions from about my articles, papers, and blogs. Get inspired! Write some fresh material and get new Linkedin professional connections!

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