Facebook Just Kind of Hanging Around- All Jokes Aside, It’s Really Time To Innovate


There were a few articles throughout the internet posted regarding the lack of teen participation on Facebook and how the social media site is losing its youth appeal. Working as a Social Media Specialist for a nonprofit organization with kids, I have to say that I am inclined to agree. Most teens/kids have shifted to Twitter because Facebook is not “cool” to them anymore and when I ask why teenagers usually reply,”My parents are on there and always trying to spy on me, it’s not cool anymore so I spend most of my time on Twitter.”

Perhaps there are many other reasons that Facebook is losing its zest and appeal, like the fact that it has become more of a tailored news feed than anything else and kids don’t need to know what their friends are doing if they are sitting right next to them everyday. It also appears that Facebook is trying to shift to a business environment while letting people utilize Facebook however they choose, but to me, this type of action lacks a real social media identity. With Facebook still hanging around and currently not really innovating, we are beginning to see the “New Myspace” rear its ugly head into the social media realm.

So what should Facebook really be doing? In my opinion, its time to innovate and stop hanging around hoping that something will happen. Its time to make some crucial moves but with Linkedin sewing up the professional aspect of social media, Pinterest & Instagram hogging up the digital aspect, Twitter with microblogging and Google… well, basically trying to occupy everything else, you have to ask yourself what else is out there that Facebook or any other social media site has yet to tap into? Without Facebook really being monetized and a slowly rising stock currently at 26.49 (which actually just fell today) to include the huge IPO flop failure, there has to be another way to become king of social media again.

One suggestion that I have for Facebook is to start bringing business related organizations to the forefront and pursuing more of a business-to-business/business-to-customer concept in a fun way where Facebook users share information, opinions and ideas about different products or services that they enjoy/dislike. This will promote a bigger fight for Facebook advertisement and invoke organizations to get memberships in order to become the cream of the crop in online advertisement. With the “Facebook Business Membership”, Facebook should supply different perks for different prices and allow a certain amount of flexibility to advertise to reach customers or a certain type of targeted audience. This actually differs from Linkedin because the B2B/B2C perspective is not as nearly emphasized.

However, whenever, whatever… Facebook, it’s really time for you to start innovating and stop hanging around, rather if you agree with my comments or ideas, because the numbers and level of participation on the social media network itself never lies.

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  1. FB Graph Search is going to change everything.

  2. Chris, you’ve raised some really valuable points in this point. I think the point at which your parents are on anything you’re also on signals the death knell of said thing. Facebook is no exception. I think the movie did them in. I, for one, definitely think that Facebook’s new News Feed, allowing advertisers to drop sponsored news items is an absolute no-no, and will only signal greater disenfranchisement from current users and act as a zero incentive for attracting new/younger users.

    I think the age of Facebook innovation has passed. It is what it is: a giant mass of eyeballs ripe for selling to. I can’t imagine what they could possible do to reverse this trend, but I suspect any innovation they do won’t be user facing. They’ll probably continue to innovate in ways that support making advertisement easier, or easier to quantify.

    • Thanks for your feedback! You are right in saying that “it is what it is”. I thought that were going to join the tech rat-race creating smartphones or something revolutionary, but I guess greatness does have its limits. Thanks for your input!

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