Linkedin Is A Long-Term Investment, Not Just A Resume or Another Social Media Site


It Takes Time

If you are a frequent Linkedin user, then you know that your Linkedin profile is a constant action of focused iterative updates. If you are new to Linkedin or you have not logged-in in a while, then there is something that you should know… developing a strong professional presence that gets you the lead generation, conversion and high return on investment using Linkedin definitely does not happen overnight.

Often times, you will notice the resume style Linkedin profile and the desperate cries for help from other Linkedin users that have not throughly invested in the tool. The first piece of advice that I will give you to help evolve your professional presence is to not consider Linkedin simply as a social media site. In order to get past your writers block while avoiding distractions and truly understand how to get the engagement that you are searching for, think of your profile as an everyday legal investment or a stock. If you look at it from this perspective, you will train yourself to get in the habit of making time to build a high quality profile that can easily be located in the Linkedin search engine and you will add value proposition to your 1st degree connections.

The Linkedin Guide To Personalized Content Creation

“What kind of brand would you associate with an active online community of 120,000 professional women?Probably very few of you answered “a major financial services firm” — but that’s exactly how Citi delivers relevant content to one of its many audience segments. And it all takes place over LinkedIn.”

To the Art & Science Part…

“The Art and Science of Using Linkedin” Career Pivot — Marc Miller and Associates, LLC

The reason that your Linkedin engagement is an art is because it requires you to be tactful in the aspect of developing relationships and interlocking other social media, websites or blogging means for the output of your social media returning investment. However you measure your ROI is totally up to you, but always be sure that you understand your weaknesses and to focus mostly on your strengths.

Essentially, Linkedin should be considered as your main hub or your main page which constantly redirects interested readers to more interesting material that you have expertise and knowledge about. You want viewers to be submerged in your world and to get the overwhelming feeling or vibe of success first. Then you want to make yourself ultimately available as a high potential servant.

Your posts on Linkedin should be well-thought out and conducive to your profile while constantly being careful not to tread on your own personal branding (or your company’s branding) by posting material that has nothing to do with what you are about or how you can help others. Don’t get caught up in the hype of what is currently trending unless it directly relates to you. Posting articles that have absolutely nothing to do with you or your industry can be extremely confusing to your targeted audience and turn them off to what you are looking to accomplish for them.

Your consistency is also another very important factor of painting a picture about yourself, in turn, this could translate to your trustworthiness or reliability as a professional. So, you must think very deeply about the strategies and the tactics that you are utilizing to maximize your potential as a Linkedin networker.

More in relation to the art of developing relationships, try to utilize your most original content can relate more to the masses. So try networking more for others than just yourself. This is an essential key to unlocking doors and presenting yourself as a potential problem solver. Try not to be too self-focused, you will learn absolutely nothing from yourself. Look to other Linkedin networkers for ideas and always know who the industry leaders are on Linkedin.

The 3 Rock Solid Questions To Guide 2013 Social Media Success

“There is an almost infinite variety of minor circumstances that can occupy your attention and create frustration for social media and content marketing professionals. The pace of change is breathtaking, and the feedback loop is instantaneous. This creates a culture of disproportionate attention to detail. So much has been written about the mechanics of social media marketing in the past year, that I fear we’re losing sight of the horizon.”

Networking Chemistry

From a scientific perspective, you must understand the chemistry that you have with other networkers, Linkedin groups that you have joined and 2nd degree connections. Chemistry is very important in setting the tone for you success in conjunction with being emotionally intelligent.

Understand the dialogue that others are using within a conversation, understand the systematic structure of a group or a discussion topic. Don’t come in making waves of unwanted gibberish that is not supported by any scientific or source of fact. This is probably the most important part of science, being able to back up your word with cold, reputable 


hard evidence.

Always consider the industry or field that you are in and if your targeted market consists of multiple industries or markets, be sure that you understand the professional language that is being used in order to avoid appearing as an incompetent person.

By utilizing both the Art & the Science of producing and developing a powerful Linkedin profile, overtime, your long-term investment will begin to payoff.

The Science of Team Chemistry

“SyncStrength analytics transforms heart rate and other biological measures, performance statistics, and interpersonal dynamics into actionable insights and products to maximize health, fitness and performance. In addition to this, SyncStrength scientists are now developing and validating the first algorithms to objectively quantify team chemistry from player biology.”

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9 replies

  1. Hi,

    Nice post, just quick question. I want to get into marketing consultancy focusing on advertisements. I am considering focusing on social media consultancy instead. Just thought you could shed some light on how to do social media consultancy including:

    1. Your strategy
    2. Target SME’s?
    3. An idea on a price to charge?
    4. Do you do social media consultancy yourself? Use examples from your experience on what methods you hae used
    5. And anything else that you can think of :)


  2. Thanks for your comment and questions! Below, I tried to do my best to answer your questions as quickly and as thoroughly as I could:

    1. My strategy is based on my clients needs, but the needs of the customer can range anywhere from seminars, webinars, online training utilizing screenshots or tutorials (podcasting, email marketing, viral marketing), PPC Advertising (Google Adwords, Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools), Linkedin Profile Creation (Company Profiles), SEO, Lead Generation, Facebook Advertising, Pinterest Marketing, Community/Customer Engagement, Web Design & Development, Startups & Enterprise Social Media (Branding Strategies).

    2. I do not not target Subject Matter Experts but I am familiar with multiple industries. I am an engineer by trade and I am a student of all aspects of business. I utilize Linkedin to determine what is currently hot in certain industries. I am also a member of my local chamber of commerce. Getting out and networking beyond social media is the key to discovering what SMEs really need for their business in all technical aspects.

    3. If you are just starting out as a consultant, no one knows who you are as a social media specialists and you really have no references. You want to go below the industry price point in order to build a reputation, attract business and make money. Everyone is looking to squeeze a dollar these days and for the most part, it works out in your best interest. When I first started, I charged maybe $50 per social media site, $100 per month for monitoring & generating reports and for websites, it totally depends on how much work that they want done. You always want to have a contract outlining the specifics and charge an initial consulting fee.

    4. One particular example is working with a nonprofit. Their needs are definitely different from businesses looking to attract customers and make a profit. So I turned to sites such as Kickstarter and the nonprofit sites that allow you to receive donations. Of course they take a percentage off of the top but its really free money if the amount of money is more than your incentive.

    5. If you are going to be a social media consultant, know your social networking platforms from the inside out and understand the art & the science of social media networking. Make sure that you keep a Social Media Policy and Social Media Strategic template on hand. If you are dealing with a startup or entrepreneurs, make sure that they have a business plan. A business without a business plan does not help you do your job effectively as a social media consultant.

  3. Hi. I just wanted you to take a look at your sharing buttons on this page. They overlap.

    • Thanks for the feedback Lorraine! I will be sure to collapse social media sites into the “share this” so that they don’t overlap. The overlap does not show up on my MAC OS X Desktop, my Windows 8 laptop or iPad. It may be a system glitch. Did you try refreshing the page? I apologize for the inconvenience.

    • Lorraine, Thanks for liking my post and following my site! I have followed you in return and I look forward to reading and possibly reblogging your content. Have a great day!

      • Ditto!
        I have a PC, not a Mac, and I tried to refresh the page, but the sharing buttons still overlap. I took a “snip” (like a screenshot) of how they look, but could not find an email address to send it to you to show you how they look. I don’t know why they look this way, but I thought that you should know, as it may be a contributing reason why/if your content is not being shared! (I belong to a “bloggers helping bloggers” group, so I am just trying to help you!)
        Perhaps going into your dashboard and looking at the settings.>sharing and then rearranging them will remedy the situation.

      • Thanks Lorraine! I do appreciate the help, seriously and i do believe you. If I offended you, my apologies. I really didn’t have time to change it today and I cannot perform this operation from my iPad. I will definitely do it tonight though! Thanks again and have a blessed evening! My email is listed under my Gravatar by the way.


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