Anonymous Linkedin Users, A Complete Waste of Time!


I recently read an article written by Donna Serdula, “How Do I Remain Anonymous on Linkedin? 5 Easy Steps!“, that indirectly supports being anonymous on Linkedin. I totally disagree with the publishing of this article, although at the end she did defend how she really felt about anonymous users:

LinkedIn works best when you open yourself up to it. I can understand wanting to retain some privacy but you are also possibly missing opportunities. Determine what is best for you and go down that path! I wish you luck!“.

So why do I a disagree with the article? I feel that being an anonymous user on Linkedin is a total waste of time and promoting it in any kind of way is not good for the social media platform. Yes, Linkedin allows you to do it, but I do have a problem with anonymous users and my problem is that they are taking up space making snide remarks that disrupt forward moving conversations in group discussions.

I spend a lot of time in Linkedin groups and some of the discussions I have been in were rudely interrupted by advertisements or ignorant remarks by anonymous users. Hey, but what can you really do about it? Anyone can easily make a fake profile and disrupt any discussion or conversation on Linkedin, but I do not believe in promoting it for this reason.

If you are an anonymous Linkedin user, then you must be a spy or someone who is afraid to let your boss know that you are on, but I have to tell you, that it is a complete waste of time unless you are just looking to gather some quick, cheesy metrics. As an anonymous user, people are wary of you and spend very little time engaging your profile, if at all.

So if you are a Linkedin user who is NOT anonymous, please do not promote anonymous usage in any shape, form or fashion. It takes away from the quality of Linkedin discussions and it clogs up the easy flow communications throughout Linkedin as a whole.


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  1. Hi there! I too agree that it’s best to set yourself as visible on LinkedIn. Heck, I am set to 100% visibility.

    I wrote that article because so many people were asking me how to set themselves as anonymous on LinkedIn and I couldn’t ignore them. Truth is, there are situations where people have the need to set themselves as anonymous and I am happy that I am able to provide them with the information to do it correctly.

    • I respect that you have a job to do, but all of my experiences with anonymous networkers have never been good experiences that add to the value of my network and the grand majority of the people in my network absolutely agree that anonymous networkers are trouble. I did not mean any disrespect as far as what you do, as a matter of fact, I know that you are one of the top LinkedIn users and that 99.9% of your information is pretty much spot on Donna. This is just the point one percent that I could not agree with. I think that it should be forbidden to have an anonymous profile but then again, it’s just my opinion. No harm, no foul.


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