Selling: Understanding The Characteristics of Your Social Media Followers

Social Media Followers

Selling In Social Media

Have you ever pondered how you can make money from social media, I mean really thought about it? Not just in the way of what product it is that you want to sell or how many people who you have in your network to sell to, but actually thought about the many different characteristics of social selling? Who does your target audience consist of? Why are they following you? What can you provide to your audience to increase your own social media value and possibly get others to buy-in to your concepts because of the usefulness of your content?

Organizational Social Media Cohesiveness: “What Your Team Must Do To Win”

——-> (Article Excerpt) “Awesome! Your organization has Facebook, Linkedin, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. Your company is on its way… so you think”

With so many questions to answer when thinking about the characteristics of your followers, potential prospects and customers, you must always remember that branding is the most important part of social selling. When I refer to branding, not only do I mean your logo and your company or organizational name but I am also referring to how you communicate with your audience which is essentially the most important part.

What We Can Learn From Terry Crews & Old Spice Commercials

——-> (Article Excerpt) “Today in commercial advertising, what often surprises me over and over again are these awesome, out of control Old Spice commercials that have some of the best production, one of the most awesome market niches and recognizable phrases with catchy cliché lines…”

So What Do I Mean By This?

Just from the Twitter perspective, how do you tweet? Are your posts centralized and complimenting your audience or are you making yourself the center of an empty universe?followers-wanted-resized-600

——-> (Keypoint) Often times I find that people who have no tweeting strategy often have a mix of personal and professional tweets. This type of Twitter audience engagement is inconsistent and confusing… a complete and utter waste of time. Most importantly, if you do not know your audience or know your followers, you will start to see people “unsubscribing” to your Twitter following.

Taming Your Social Media Strategy

——-> (Article Excerpt) “Much like a tiger in the jungle or a Lion on the plains of Africa, social media is an untamed beast that has a native characteristic for cornering or putting the ‘squeeze’ on most businesses that do not know how to approach the subject matter within their industry.”

So really, you believe that you are serving yourself in social media, but in all actuality you are  serving others. By doing so, you are increasing or posturing your strategic position once you have a solid following and a reputation for being one of the most resourceful tweeters for selling.



Christopher is the current Founder & CEO of, Social Media & Web Design. He currently specializes in social media enterprise & web development to include management & consultation for Small to Mid-sized Businesses, College Students, Job Seekers (Military Vets), Non-profits, and Entrepreneurs setting an individual professional or international enterprise presence online with more than 10 years worth of combined experience.

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