3 Reasons Why Your “Content Pumping Factory” Is Going To Fail You


Reevaluate Your Content Factory and Convert!

A majority of bloggers, authors, writers, business owners, and publishers will always harp on creating content for customer and audience engagement, but one thing that they fail to tell you is that simply pumping out content to stay consistent does not add to the quality of your network (only your consistency). I would much rather have one great article that addresses real issues or adds some type of real value that can be ex-sponged rather than having ten articles that add no real value or that does not follow the conversation of my customers/audience. Remember, the purpose of professional blogging is to convert or to make sales, not to get stuck on trying to up your web traffic.

The @Steveology Blog: How To Promote and Leverage Your Content Marketing

——-> Article Excerpt: One thing I love about social media is connecting with like-minded digital marketers. Having the opportunity to meet them in real life is even more fun. Joe Chernov is one such like-mind marketer. Even in the few years I have known him he has become one of the true thought-leaders – a much abused phrase, but well and truly-deserved here – in content marketing.

Why Do You Write?

What is the real purpose of writing content? Is it to toot your own horn? I don’t think so. If you are truly “in it to win it” then you must remember not to focus on the analysis too much. Yes its true that numbers don’t lie but in the case of content, your numbers can go up quickly instead of settling for whatever your norm is in daily views or engagement. If you do not get a hold on your content and get others engaged… your content factory is going to fail you. The workers will go on strike, the reactor will shutdown and your content factory will be up for sale to someone who can truly add value.

Mark Hunter, Leading Sales Expert & Speaker: Turn A Prospect Into A Customer With The Engagement Process

——-> Article Excerpt: Take whatever it is you sell and begin to develop a list of things you might be able to engage a customer in doing as a way of moving them to a sale.

The 3 Main Reasons that your content is failing you:

1. Your content does not follow the conversation that people really want to talk about. Now, I am a definitely a believer in being innovative, but you do not need to try to change the direction of every conversation or discussion that you encounter. I’m not saying don’t go against the grain every now and again or that you should not have an opposing view, but your content should at least be conducive to the subject matter. You really need to figure out what it is that the audience you are trying to address is talking about and then formulating a few articles based on their interests and not your own.

2. You have no real distribution center that gets your content out. No one has your back in helping you disseminate your articles from your content factory. Your factory is clogged up full of articles that add little to no value to your readers, the movement of your articles is congested and difficult to reach your targeted audience or your social media network is full of people who have nothing in common with what you are talking about. Start inviting people to your network that really want to get their content out and approaching them with some type of mutual proposal to advertise themselves or provide article dissemination.

3. Your content is too internally focused, of a low quality and perhaps too routine. Let’s face it! When you get into routine posting and simply pumping out content trying to be seen, your articles become stale & boring, your discussions do not inform or have a call to action then you begin to lose your audience one-by-one. Get out of the redundancy of what you do, focus on reading, backlinking to other bloggers for pingbacks, following other bloggers or writers, and allow guest bloggers or your onsite authors to be more creative. Setting strict rules on how you want your posts stifles the creativity of others.

Harry Hoover, My Creative Team THINKing: Color Your Brand

——-> Article Excerpt: Orange is considered an energetic color, connoting excitement, enthusiasm, playfulness and value. It is no secret why Home Depot and Howard Johnson’s selected orange. We wanted to express playfulness and good value, so orange was our choice, as well.

Your Call To Action!

How will you avoid having a “Content Pumping Factory” mentality?

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  1. As Oscar Wilde said, “Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.” I used to try to consistently blog 3 – 4 times per week, but my quality began to suffer. Now, I write only when I have something to say.

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