Hootsuite Is Dead, I’m On Sprout Social! Check Out The Intro Video.


Sprout Social!

Sprout Social is totally awesome! Hootsuite is really rough-looking and terribly confusing… In this particular post, I have created a video based on the Sprout Social dashboard interface. I will be talking about the tools that are offered on the FREE account only since I have yet to upgrade. What’s really awesome is that the Sprout Social FREE account is actually more usable than the Hootsuite paid account. These guys must really went after Hootsuite because they really put them to shame analysis and user-freindly wise. I highly recommend this product and I would also like to add that it is definitely worth every 39 of your dollars! Enjoy the video!

Sprout Social vs Hootsuite? Which One Is Better

——-> (Article Excerpt) At first notice, Sprout’s interface is substantially more attractive. The home page dashboard is one of the most useful and visually striking aspects of the entire application. It provides a fantastic snapshot of all connected accounts, as well as aggregate trends of these profiles. Upon first loading the application you are given a good sense of where all of your accounts stand. They also provide “Influence” and “Engagement” metrics which are useful for helping you gauge your overall social media presence.

Hootsuite vs Sprout Social: Which Social Media Management Tool Is The Best

——-> (Article Excerpt) The world of social media marketing is always evolving, and so are the techniques and clients that we use to manage all of our social media accounts.  For many business owners and marketing agencies, managing your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other accounts individually just isn’t an option, which is why services like HootSuite and Sprout Social are so incredibly helpful.

Hootsuite vs Sprout Social: Which Is Better To Monitor Social Media Campaigns

——-> (Article Excerpt) Being able to move tweets that you’ve responded to into the archive is an efficient way of managing Twitter & Facebook. The ability to see a track of the conversations with users and add notes is useful. Certainly for our business On Landscape we can marry this up with users on the site which makes it more of a social CRM in that aspect. Hootsuite doesn’t alert you to when you have a RT nor a new follower, which is a key thing when building an audience and community. SproutSocial does both, which is a great feature.

Sprout Social Tutorial (30 Day FREE account)


CHRISTOPHER PERNELL THAMES, Founder & CEO of KnoGimmicks.com

Christopher is the current Founder & CEO of KnoGimmicks.com, Social Media & Web Design. He currently specializes in social media enterprise & web development to include management & consultation for Small to Mid-sized Businesses, College Students, Job Seekers (Military Vets), Non-profits, and Entrepreneurs setting an individual professional or international enterprise presence online with more than 10 years worth of combined experience.

Founder & CEO at KnoGimmicks.com
Social Media Expert & Web Developer at W2C
Web Design Major at CLC Grayslake
Business Contact #: 224-656-7646
Linkedin Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/christopherpernellthames/
Facebook Company Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Knogimmicks-Social-Media-Web-Design/422010627886431?ref=hl
Pinterest Company Page: http://pinterest.com/christhames/
Twitter Professional Page: https://twitter.com/ChrisThames29

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8 replies

  1. Well, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I was going to look at it closer this week, but, you’ve given the best close-up out there. Nice work!

  2. Your article was very informative Taylor! Thanks for posting the content. It really helped to drive some of my key-points in the tutorial.

    I am definitely going to upgrade! Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Thanks so much for the review, Christopher! Great to hear you’ve been enjoying Sprout. I do just want to clarify that we do not have a free plan (just the free 30-day trial), but glad you seen so much of the value in the app already.

    Thanks again!
    Brit Thompson | Social Marketing Manager at Sprout Social

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