"The 5 Essentials of The Social Media Universe" A Simple Guide To Success In Social Media!

The Social Media Universe: LinkedIn, Google+, You Tube, Twitter and Pinterest


Regardless of what it is that you may be attempting to accomplish now days in social media, there are 5  websites out right now that ultimately leverage or dictate all of your content postings and content searches. Those sites are LinkedIn, Google+, You Tube, Twitter and Pinterest.

Why are these 5 sites so important in relation to marketing, business and job seeking? Unlike Facebook (Yelp, Klout, Digg,etc.) these 5 sites provides the operator with more creative control and allows the user to manipulate the environment in which they are surrounded. In other words if you are searching for professionals, entrepreneurs, human resource personnel, etc., these particular social media sites allow you to effectively search your targeted audience or category without randomly sending you somewhere that you do not want to be.

Let’s view this blog from a more elemental point of view:

You have 5 elements and those 5 elements are the social media websites stated above. Then you as an individual would be in the center of it all! Think of it as a solar system that needs one particular element, planet or moon to transition into another specific action and phase that also supports another needed action of a different element. Let me explain how this works:

1. LinkedIn would be the most essential element in your social media solar system because it supports your main ideas in regards to what you do. It is the foundational building block for social media networking in relation to business or exposure. In addition, Linkedin connects you to those who are similar to you and also to those who have some major differences. This is very unique because it exposes you to different platforms or levels of expertise and it also helps you to focus on new ideas.

Customer Engagement Starts First With Employee Engagement

“Engaging the customer has firmly become part of buzzword soup. Sadly, when that happens little is actually done to achieve the thing it originally meant. However, in this case you can avoid that from happening. If you look at the companies that are most closely engaged with their customers, you will see that they are deeply engaged with their employees, notes Sandy Carter from IBM.”

2. Twitter would be the liaison between all of your essential elements because this social media supports a multitude of people by providing rapid messages and methods of communication no matter where you are in relation to your social media universe. Twitter also informs you immediately of what is trending in your areas of interest and constantly keeps you connected to the rapid messaging of others.

15 Tips To Get and KEEP More Twitter Followers

“When it comes to Twitter, I don’t think I have met anyone who does not want to get more quality followers. There are some who claim that quality matters over quantity, but honestly – that’s just not true. (And the people who make that claim tend to have a smaller number of followers…just sayin’!)”

3. You Tube is the element where you would leverage your social media by posting videos and doing your research. Without you tube videos, you would not be able to effectively display what you have to offer to others. Customers, consumers, clients, team members and viewers need the visual to connect what it is that you are expressing in relation to the product or idea. Without this essential element, viewers would only be receiving half of your message.

The 2013 YouTube Marketing Guide

“YouTube is evolving from a “video-based site to a channels-based site where subscriptions rule.” With the new One Channel layout, your branding will work across all screens, you can turn non-subscribers into loyal fans, and you can show off more of your video content.”

4. The element of Google Plus simply makes you even more accessible to the general public and allows you to video chat with groups across the globe. Accessibility is very important and Google+ is way more efficient at this because you do not have to send or receive friend requests to add someone to your circle or network, which makes this element of your social media solar system extremely unique.

Google Plus: “What’s Hot” and The Power of Sharing

“Google Plus “What’s Hot” is a section where you can find interesting posts that are chosen by an undefined Google algorithm.  Google Plus debuted in the summer of 2011 and its user base grown nicely.  The platform now has over 500 million registered users, with over 135 million of them being active.  As someone that is on Google Plus daily, I can feel the activity increasing, especially over the last two months.”

5. Pinterest would probably be the last and final element where you provide a visual and rapidly share your visual with other individuals, rather if they are interested in a particular subject or not. Because Pinterest posts randomly on its home page, your product exposure stands a better chance of actually being viewed rather than being over-looked. Pinterest also has the tendency to match-up your targeted audience with your product if you are having difficulties figuring out who you are attempting to address.

Pinterest Marketing: “Using Pinterest For Business”

“Pinterest is the world’s fastest growing social network and thus many companies are adding Pinterest marketing to their overall strategy. Having achieved 2000% growth in 2012, with 28 million US visitors as of December, up from 25 million in September, Pinterest is achieving a trajectory comparable to Twitter a few years ago.”

In closing, don’t spend so much time in your own Social Media Universe, you will never get ahead that way. Be innovative and creative. Learn how to properly leverage these essential foundational social media sites by viewing other people’s connectivity. This is actually what you should be doing in social media, learning new strategies in order to compete!


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