Why You Need A Programmer To Help Dominate Local SEO and Google Adwords


Local SEO Embedded Programming

Computer programmers have all of the necessary skills to build links, create programs, mobile applications, and to ultimately optimize content if exposed to entities of SEO or Google Adwords (PPC). Although it is a fine line between web development and being an excellent writer, if you have a programmer that just so happens to have excellent writing skills, then it is important to get them involved with SEO. A great Social Media Management System tool that would compliment the abilities of a web designer/SEO specialist with optimizing a website while using Google Adwords would be Raven Tools.

Programming Algorithms and SEO Optimization

Programmers are all about the “Inputs, Outputs and Processes” which essentially build your basic algorithms. If they are intelligent enough to code, then they are intelligent enough to compete against writers whom are only familiar with the basics of keyword optimization. Of course, this particular person will be perhaps 1 out of 1,000 particularly speaking. To be a good programmer and a great writer usually does not come in the same package. In order to find people like this, usually they are senior writers, with experience in programming and a past history in the marketing or journalism industry.

Embedding Conversations

Local SEO is all about incorporating programming strategies into a website and fully optimizing social media sites or social bookmarking sites to drive traffic. Local SEO is all about following the local conversation or discussions and ultimately embedding the conversation into your coding process. So along with having excellent writing skills that gets the people engaged utilizing key local SEO words, but by utilizing programming algorithms and strategies, you also further optimize your site along with link building.

Programmer/Social Media Marketer/Writer The Ultimate Package

These strategies also include fully optimizing and engaging on content management systems such as WordPress.com or the Google Blogger. However somewhat simple to create, there are expert strategies that are required to maximize your results. This also includes optimizing sites like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media sites that are imperative to your social media marketing campaign. So a programmer can essentially build your site for local SEO, content optimization, social media marketing optimization, link building optimization, mobile optimization, and Google Adwords (PPC)/Google Adsense optimization.

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