Why Building Twitter Lists Is More Effective Than Feedly, Digg, Scoop.it! & StumbleUpon


Twitter Lists Curates Discussions, Comments & Conversations

Most Twitter users never take the time to build Twitter Lists. Why you might ask? It’s because most people who use Twitter do not understand the difference between curating content and curating people.

In fact, if you utilize Twitter Lists to curate people instead, you will usually get the the content to go along with it, just more with a human-like feel that you can quite possibly engage with more than just an article.

By curating people, you are curating discussions, comments, conversations, subject matter specifics and getting down to the core of information that you really would like to explore.

How To Get Started With New Twitter Lists

“Now that Twitter Lists have gotten a major upgrade, we’re excited about the prospect of better organizing our Twitter feed into easily viewable categories. Previously, you could only create 20 lists. Now, you can make up to 1,000, and those lists can contain as many as 5,000 accounts — a big improvement on the prior cap of 500 accounts.”

Twitter Lists VS Digg, Feedly, Flipboard and Social Bookmarking Sites

Curating content utilizing sites like Digg, Feedly, Flipboard or Social Bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Scoop.it! and Delicious are very effective tools, but just not as effective as curating the “source” of a post.

In other words, when you curate content, you curate blog names or the name of popular online news, but you very rarely curate the source of the report or the author/writer itself.

Yes, of course their is the author of the content, but with popular magazines such as Forbes, The New York Times or The Harvard Business Review, their is very little correspondence between you and that usually high-profiled author.

How and Why To Use Twitter Lists

“A Twitter list is a curated group of Twitter users organized by what those people have in common. Lists help you organize your followers into categories or groups, which allows you to easily see tweets from a specific group without having to scan your entire feed, which saves you time – and who doesn’t want to save time when using social media?!”

Twitter Lists Increases Your Overall Engagement

By curating people utilizing Twitter Lists, you usually get the source of who wrote a particular article that has been tweeted to include feedback, engagement or correspondence.

Even if a person tweets an article from the New York Times, you can still get engagement as far as what the tweeter thought about that particular article that they may have posted. So by creating well organized Twitter Lists, you can increase your engagement perhaps threefold vice basically advertising other people’s articles who would not spend anytime directly responding to your comments on a particular subject matter.

Simply following Richard Branson or Bill Gates will not yield you any results, neither merely following Apple or Microsoft. There is an intense need for engagement in your Twitter campaigning if you are looking to gather a following.

Twitter Enhances Lists: 4 Ways To Take Advantage

“A few weeks back Twitter quietly raised the limit on the number of lists users could create from 20 to a whopping 1,000; they also boosted the number of accounts within a list from 500 to 5,000. The announcement came, appropriately enough, in the form of a tweet from their official Twitter for News account on May 30th. This announcement got me thinking about how I use Twitter lists and how other businesses could use them as well.”


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  1. Fantastic article, such an underused tool. Whenever I follow someone I look at their lists to see other relevant users I could connect with. Always slightly disappointed when a so called ‘social media expert’ doesn’t utilise lists. Thanks for this :)

    • Thanks for the idea for my next post! “Social Media “Experts” Come A Dime A Dozen. Nice to connect with you on Twitter as well my friend! I look forward to your Tweets and perhaps subscribing to your Twitter Lists! Serious Networking Over Here! Thanks for your input and feedback!

      • Your welcome, off been thinking that myself, no one admits to be just starting out or acknowledges that marketing is a constant learning process, twitters just full of ‘experts’ :P look forward to reading the post, feel free to use this picture if it helps! :)

  2. Reblogged this on Doing things digitally and commented:
    Great article on such an underused tool


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