What To Use Movie Box App For?

Movie Box app is the app that you need if you only want to download the video on the android phone and this is an app that it comes handy. The app helps the user to download the video using an android phone or tablet and there is no need of having additional software or a PC.

You can watch different types of the videos 

The app is known to capture the links from bigger streaming sites such as Vimeo and YouTube. The downloads may be slow but they end up being downloaded. An interface has been kept minimalistic and it is a great option for the normal users. An app has a paste button and it pastes anything that has been copied in the clipboard with a click. There is nothing hard to download the app since it is only the standard procedure. The app is found on the play store and you only have to use the link and to install it using the available button.

How to use Movie Box app

Since Movie Box has been revamped with a new UI and a larger library. Movie Box app is the app which does not require the user to wait too much while downloading it since it requires a standard procedure and it is a small file in a small size which will be downloaded in terms of the seconds.  You may then locate the app at the phone and you can start it at once.  The app has an easy to use interface but the elements are self-explanatory.

How to download video with Movie Box app

You only have to copy paste a link in a text bar and you will be ready to use the app. If you wish to play the video on the device, you will simply tap at the play button. You may also click at the download button in order to initiate the video download. After downloading the video, it is going to be shown in downloads tab while a completed one will be displayed in history. When you do not have the link of the video, you can still use Movie Box app to get to it.

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