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When Blackberry first introduced its messenger service people went crazy about BBM and almost half the amount of smartphone users switched from other platforms to Blackberry only so that they could use this messenger service to connect with their friends without having to spend money on sending out texts. These days there are a number of messenger services that can be used on multiple platforms so you don’t really need to invest in a particular brand in order to be a part of the messenger service however all these messages are usually limited to a smartphone itself and when you are at work it gets really annoying that you can’t pull out your phone whenever you want to check out the message. 

If you are in one of those situations where you are kind of addicted to messaging on a regular basis however you can’t because you don’t have the privilege of escaping from the eyes of your boss every now and then to check your smartphone then you need to think of a messenger service that can be used on multiple platforms. Kik messenger happens to be one of the greatest messenger services that you can download on your smartphone, computer, tablet or laptop and use it effectively no matter where you are.

The best part about Kik messenger is that it is free to use and it is free to download on multiple platforms so neither you or the people you want to connect with have to be forced to settling into one particular brand or operating system. It is easy to use Kik messenger and all you need to do is go to kik online in order to connect with your friends and in case you plan on signing in to your office computer you just need to log out before you leave so that nobody knows you were chatting at work.

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