Pros and Cons of Huawei P10

Just about everyone these days! But if we are talking about top-end smart phones, then it comes down to two distinct groups: corporate users and individuals. Many companies have seen the benefit of issuing their employees, especially those who work away from the office, with smart phones. It is a cheaper option than supplying both a laptop and mobile phone. Many actively encourage staff to use the video calling function rather than normal voice calls to promote interactivity.

Huawei P10 Prezzo home screen gives detail of a full HD touchscreen that has different sensors and can be swiped to perform multiple activities without touching the screen with finger. Though it’s a bit shorter than Huawei lite for its 4.7-inch screen against Huawei P10 5.10-inch one, but its 468ppi ensures better pixel quality than all other smartphones available at market. BlinkFeed is a feature that puts all your social networks updates in your home page. So the live streaming of social media updates is something you can only imagine in dreams. So, no need to tap the Facebook and Twitter apps every time you want to see whats going on.

The pros of the Huawei P10 are:-

  • Thin body, measuring less than 9.5mm/0.37inches (0.37 inches)
  • Fast mobile data support (4G)
  • Big screen 5.10 inches
  • Very fast Dual core processor 1500 MHz
  • High-resolution camera 20 mp
  • HDMI Connector for TV-out possible via microUSB

The cons of Huawei P10 are:-

  • No dedicated camera key
  • No NFC support out of the box (a future update should address this issue)
  • WVGA screen resolution is not on par with the rest of the competition in this class

Then there is the individual who has got to have it. These users become completely addicted to their smart phone, have it organized and filled with hundreds of supposedly useful apps to cover every eventuality and know every single fact and figure about it. It will never leave their side and is in use some way or another every waking hour.

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