The GTA 5 Download

The GTA 5 download is here all gaming lovers. If you have been waiting for the latest version of the GTA game then you are in luck. You can get the GTA 5 download on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

In the game

There are three main characters in GTA. There is Michael; an overweight married man who is hated by most and has an airhead daughter and deadbeat son. Then there is Franklin; a young gangster who facing the prospect of having to fight bigger, more established people in the gang world so that he can go up the ladder. Trevor is the third character who has led a rough life and his past involved selling drugs.Each character had a different role, tasks and challenges. For Michael, missions revolve around his family and history. Franklin’s missions involved car drivebys and homicides. Trevor on the other hand has unique customized missions which are quite blood thirsty. To aid them in their missions, they each have a range of weapons to fight with and protect themselves. They also have special abilities; Trevor is invulnerable which lets him take more hits while Franklin has the ability to slow time when he is driving and Michael can slow time during shootouts.

GTA V PC download

  1. One you visit the site with the download link, select it.
  2. You will be redirected to the parent site and select Megasync to start downloading. Ensure you use Chromes’ or use a Mega extension to install Megasync.
  3. The download will start and once it is complete, right click the zip file and choose the option to extract GTA auto give. Be sure to have WinRAR to download and extract the files.
  4. Double click the file to run setup.
  5. Select install and let it run.


Enjoy your GTA 5 download game today by downloading the game now!