Top 5 RuneScape Servers

Now that you have some idea regarding the RuneScape servers, you may want to invest on some. These servers allow you to do online gaming better, a lot better than commercial servers available for gaming. If you want to set up a RuneScape Private Server all by yourself then you can do that, but the more feasible option at hand would be investing on one that’s already a commercial venture but unlike the regular gaming servers. A lot of good companies have come forward to facilitate better RuneScape Private Servers to the gamers around the world, and we have reviewed a few of them.


The GrinderScape RSPS is based on Windows and Mac operating systems, users can pick either of these for a little different in subscription fee. Upon accessing their website, you should be able to find a middleman in the left pane who would guide you through the features and pricing options of GrinderScape through a live chat.


The company markets their product as the best old school server. Despite being old school, they actually update their server technology very often. Registering for Alora is quite easy, just visit their homepage and click on Register to get going.


The UI is quite lucrative. Once you are registered and logged in with this RSPS, you are supposed to be hooked up. There’s reason why the Dawntained RSPS has managed to remain within the top 3 ranking in RSPS list, you have to sign up for yourself and check on that.

Simplicity RSPS

Simplicity RSPS is known as the top RSPS of the year 2016 and also 2017. Although we don’t have documentation to prove their claim, but based on their popularity – we believe the claim is true.

EliteScape RSPS

Opening the EliteScape RSPS will instantly download a .jar file, meaning they believe in work rather than hollow advertising. The features looked tempting, you could put your faith on EliteScape RSPS.


If you are just beginning in the RSPS world, these 5 names will come handy for you.