The Game Of Thrones Five Star Series

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One such show is called The Game of Thrones. Here is a short synopsis of the show that has won many hearts and continues to rule the television sets.

Game of thrones is based on the mythical story of 9 clans who fight for the control of one land. While they are at it, a new clan of people emerges that were in hiding all this while.

This is based on the story of Westeros continent, where all these clans are after control of 7 kingdoms. But who will survive this battle for power?

This series has characters that everyone despises, and also has people whom you cannot help but fall in love with. The story has everything- from blood, wars, enemies, rivalries, love,  to lust, politics, treachery and, of course, a magnificent storyline. One of the clans, the Lannisters, have already begun plotting their strategies to take over the kingdoms, meanwhile Baratheon and Stark team up. When this is going on, other clans are not sitting back. They will fight for what they believe belongs to them. But only time will tell who would win and who would lose.

The Game of Thrones has not shied away from killing off the characters and adding new ones, all the while increasing the curiosity of the audience and keeping them at their toes.

No one is spared from the dirty games and the politics as everyone​ wants power and to rule. Just like the millions of fans this show has acquired from all around the globe, become one of their army and watch what happens in the end. The show really is something!