How to Create a Cracked Minecraft Account Server

Do your friends have cracked versions of Minecraft? You can have a game with them online even though your copy is legal. What you need is to set up a minecraft account generator server with very few tweaks then anybody can join in spite of whether or not the minecraft copy is official.

Steps for Minecraft Server Creation

  • Download the software

You can freely download the server software from the website of Minecraft located in . Tap on “Download it here” area that will be found on the right of Minecraft homepage. Later click on the link into the server document in the section of Multiplayer Server. The file will start to download.

  • Folder Creation for Server

You will need to make some information changes thus ensure this folder is easy to access. Give it a recognizable name like “Minecraft Server”.

  • Run the Server

Click twice on the program downloaded to begin the server. Several FAILED messages will be shown in the log for the server though it is normal. When the Chat and Log window says “[INFO] Done”, typewrite “Stop” in the server command line then press Enter for closure.

  • Open and Save

Open eula.txt file and change eula=false to eula=true line. Save the file.

  • Run the Server

In the folder of the server, more files will start. After the extra files are created, close the server once more.

  • Open the File of Server.Properties

Choose Notepad which is found in the available programs list. The file will be opened in Notepad and minecraft account generator server codes that need editing will be revealed.

  • Online Mode

Change true mode to false and save the file.  This prevents the server from going into the official minecraft servers to search usernames and allows players that have cracked copies to make server connection.