Richest Hollywood Celebrities

Hollywood celebrities are known to be the biggest earners and among the richest and famous personalities in the world. The amounts earned by these personalities are mind boggling, way above what most of the big politician and majority of ordinary global citizens earn. Here is a list of names and celebrity net worth.

1.Jay-z ( his worth is $650)

Jay-z,real name  Shawn Corey Carter ,is an American rapper, a record producer,an entrepreneur among others. Jay-z is among the richest celebrities in Hollywood as per Forbes. His net worth was estimated to be close to $520 million in the year 2014. He has managed to rank  top in our list again with $650 million. Having sold records in excess of 100 million and winning 21 Grammy Awards,Jay-z is ranked among all time  best selling rappers in the world. His empire ranges from fashion wears to club and without forgetting he is a record producer. Jay-z’s harsh childhood did not stop him from living his dream. Jay-z is married to a famous and sexy wife,Beyonce and together they are blessed with a beautiful daughter.

2.Tom Cruise ( his worth is $450)

Tom Cruise is not only hot but also loaded. He ranks 2nd on our list with a net worth of around $450 million. Tom Cruise started acting at age 19 in the 1981 movie titled endless love. He continued playing the supporting role until 1983 when he got his first leading role in a comedy known as Risky Business. Tom Cruise also acted in the action movie called Top Gun. Some of his well known jobs  include a role in the impossible film series. Tom Cruise has  received 3 nomimations for Academy Awards,he has also won Gloden Globe Award three times.

3.Mel Gibson ( his worth is $425)

Mel Gibson is an American actor with an Australian accent due to the fact his parents moved to Australia when he was only 12 years. Some of Mel Gibson famous works include Mad Max-polycalyptic action series and Lethal Weapon buddy cop series. Mel Gibson has one Academy Award and one Golden Globe award. Mel Gibson’s net worth is around $425 million.

  1. Tyler Perry ( his net worth $400)

Tyler Perry, famous for his acting, songwriting, playwrights, filmmaking among other big works is among the top earning Hollywood Celebrities. In in the year 2010-2011,Forbes named him as the single top earner with a net worth of almost $  130 million. Most of Perry’s works are independently done making him rank among the top earners every year. He is believed to earn amounts around $100 to $ 150 million from his independent works. Tyler Perry’s net worth is estimated to be around $400 million.

  1. Johny Depp ( his net worth is $ 400 million)

Johny Depp makes it to our top 5 Hollywood richest celebrities with a net worth estimated to be around $ 400 million. Johny Depp,real name John Christopher Depp II,is a famous producer, musician and actor. He got in to acting in the 80’s,his first role coming in the famous TV series called 21 Jump Street. However, his first lead role came in the year 1990. Some of Johny Depp famous works include The Curse of Black Pearl, The Pirates of the Caribbean, Chocolate factory, Alice in Wonderland among others.

In 2003 and year 2009, People’s magazine voted Johny Depp the sexist man alive. And in 2012, Guinness World Record declared Johny Depp as the actor who was paid the highest. His net worth is believed to be around $ 400 million.

  1. Bill Cosby ( his worth $400 million)

Bill Cosby is a well known comedian, musician,actor, television producer and author. Some of his well known works include I spy,the famous Bill Cosby show,Cosby kids,Fat Albert,Cosby among others. Cosby is the brain behind the famous Cosby show which was ranked position in America for 5 convective years. His passion, coupled with his amazing talents has made Cosby win an impressive seven Grammys and again was an Emmy Award winner on three occasions. Bill Cosby’s is believed to have a net worth of $ 400 million.

  1. Tom Hanks ( his net $350 million)

Thomas Jeffrey Hanks better known as Tom Hanks is a famous American filmmaker and actor. Tom gained fame through movies like Big, Apollo, Philadelphia, Saving Private Ryan,Captain Phillips, Saving Mr Banks among others. He is believed to have a net worth of $ 350 million.

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger ( his worth $ 300 million)

Arnold Schwarzenegger is known for his acting prowess and also as a politician. His body building art win him Mr Universe title at a very tender age of 15 years. He went on to claim Mr Olympia title at age 20, a contest he won for a total seven times. He played a role in the famous movie called Terminator and moved to politics in the year 2003 becoming the Governor of California up to 2011. Starting at a young age,Arnold Schwarzenegger has earned a fortune through his many businesses and is estimated to have a net worth of around $ 300 million.

  1. Brad Pitt (net $ 240 million)

William Bradley, famously known as Brad Pitt,is a well known movie producer and actor. He ranks among the most influential personalities in the world and is as well among the the richest American celebrities. Bradd Pitt has won many awards through out his career some of which include Gloden Globe, Academy Award and 7 Actors Guild award. Brad Pitt is famous for his love in humanitarian activities making him famous, known all over the world and an inspiration to many. Between year 2011 and 2012,Brad Pitt appeared in different magazines a record 40 times. His net worth is estimated to be be almost $ 240 million.

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio ( his worth $ 200)

Famous for his big works like the Titanic, the Great Gatsby, inception among others, Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most celebrated American producers and actors. Throughout his career Leonardo DiCaprio has won  2 Golden Globes and an impressive 5 Academy Awards. Leonardo is estimated to have a net worth of around $ 200 million.