Star Citizen Has Raised More Than It Expected Through Crowd Funding Campaign

If you thought you had enjoyed the best online gaming could offer then be prepared to be sweep off your feet. When you look at the amazing Star Citizen game, you will be awe struck! This is a kind of game that has the potential to break all records and take you to a level that had not yet been explored. From avant grade ships, stellar space background, incredible game play choices, and referral code star citizen you get all that you can expect from a futuristic online game.This multiplayer game set in the space has not yet been competed fully. Although you can play parts of the game, the full verso is not yet available for all to play. The developing is still working on the game and there’s a dedicated team working towards making your dream comes true.This is a first ever kind of game that has asked for the players to fund the project. It gives players the feeling to being a part of the development projects. Chris Roberts, the developer of the game said that he did not believe that the Star Citizen’s crowd fundingcampaign would turn out to become so successful.Roberts said in an interview that he expected to raise about $4 million but he never hoped in his wildest dreams that the amount could turn out to be $148. With referral code star citizen, the game allows the existing players to bring in more new joinees to the platform.

Roberts also said that now the responsibilities have become double because now the team is not aiming at building a $10 worth gaming site but something that offers a more robust experience to the players. Although the game has still to been completed fully, you can still enjoy playing it in small parts. You can also refer your friends with the referral code star citizen.