Incredible Deals When Purchasing Pre Owned Cars

Tons of buy here pay here in Fort Myers are available, so it can be quite confusing to search for used cars as well as great deals that come with them. Fortunately, we found just the company that can help you purchase, process and take home the used car that you’ve always wanted and it’s none other than DriveTime. But what exactly is DriveTime? What can it offer and what makes it different from all the other companies that sell used cars?


Known as one of the largest dealer in the nation, especially when it comes to aiding people that have credit issues that may be holding them back from making a purchase, DriveTime’s office can be located at Phoenix, Arizona. Currently operating more than 144 dealerships all over the country, they have thousands of cars and other vehicles in stock. Since they don’t want to hassle their potential buyers, you can actually get an online approval within two minutes or less; don’t worry, the online approval will not solely concentrate on a person’s credit. In terms of the approval process, just provide you general information like name and phone numbers alongside some financial information and wait for the decision. Application over the phone is also possible if you don’t feel like answering the online sheet.

According to the online records displayed on their official website and a couple of reviews, DriveTime has hundreds and thousands of cars to satisfied customers. Majority of the reviews are positive, so it’s safe to say that they’re a company worth dealing with. Since this will be a major investment on your part, make sure to read everything in their terms and policies; take note on the fees, interests and special clauses, you wouldn’t want your dream car to turn into a nightmare.