473 Scam Call – Be Alert!

Got a call from a 473 area code? Then, it is potentially a scam.

There is nothing more annoying than excitedly answering a call only to discover it is a scammer. You would think that you could avoid situations like this as technology continues to become more advanced.

But if you will take time reading headlines or watching news, you’ll find out that many still struggle with it. And, it is worth to keep in mind not to pick up scam phone calls with particular area codes such as 473, otherwise you could lose a great deal of money.

Scams that often reappear are back and help criminals take the money of other people. It is just easy protecting yourself, unless you know how the scam really works.

What precisely is the 473 scam call?

Large majority of phones include a caller ID. Criminals are having a difficult time of it since they are less possible to call back or answer unfamiliar numbers. The notion behind this false activity is to trick people in thinking it is a local call so you will immediately grab the phone.

That is why they make use of the 473 area code, which looks like a familiar and domestic number for Americans. The caller may send an upsetting text, leave a pre-recorded message or let the phone ring once. The goal is to get you call back. However, don’t fall into this trick if you don’t want to lose huge bucks. It has been reported that sometimes, 473 scam call can cost over 20 dollars for the first minute.

So, what can you do?

Very simple! Do not return the call or answer the phone. If the same unknown number continues to frustrate you, block it.

Don’t be a victim! Always practice a wary mind.