Best Possible Details Shared About Vietnam Visa On Arrival

US government had got together with Vietnam for migration in 1996, from that time all the US citizens are welcome in the Vietnam. It is easy to obtain the Vietnam visa on arrival; you just need to do some simple steps. Even you can apply for the visa online all the payment will automatically send through credit card. The visa approval letter also comes online such on the email of the traveler. Let me tell you some deep information about the Vietnam visa us citizen.

Go online 

  • Simply visit the website of the Vietnam visa government’s website.
  • If you are a US citizen then you need to pay about $17 for Vietnam visa on arrival
  • After the visit, the website travelers will get the option of the number of visas. In addition to this, easily select the number of visas.
  • There will be an option of types of visa, it describes as a type of visa which you want such as, 1 month on the single entry.
  • After selecting the visa type, tick on your preferred processing time. If you need visa normal like in 2 working days then your government will take $17.
  • Many people need to hire the taxi from the airport, if users want a car pick-up from the airport, then they can easily tick the car pickup and click on the “apply now”.

Moreover, after submitting application form online, the Vietnam visa officer will take some time to check your file. The visa approval letter will send on your email address. After that, your passport will send to the Vietnam Immigration Office for stamping. Immigrant need to pay some money for the visa stamping, the simply take the ticket from the airport and take off from the runway.