Knowing More About Throat Cancer

ung thư vòm họng is the cancer that affects the pharynx or the larynx; both organs are located in your throat. Like some other cancer, it starts as small cluster of cells which have developed abnormally, thus becoming cancer cells. It will then grow into a tumor, and eventually spreading all throughout some other organs in a person’s body.

Facts You Need to Know About Throat Cancer

  • Symptoms

Commonly, throat cancer manifests initially through throat irritation like sore throat, voice changes, coughing off blood and inflammation of lymph nodes. If you notice these symptoms persisting for about 2 weeks or more, you must rush to an Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) specialist for consultation.

  • Diagnosis

Upon noticing such abnormalities in your throat, the doctor would conduct nasopharyngeal cancer tests to see if you indeed have cancer in your throat. This involves several tests including surgical biopsy to take tissue samples from your throat for examination. After which, imaging test would be required like x-ray and MRI for the specialists to have a better view on the tumor’s exact location and size.

  • Treatments

Initial treatment for throat cancer is to remove the tumor through surgical operations. After which, radiation therapy sessions will be done to totally eradicate remaining cancer cells in your throat. Alternatively, chemo therapy sessions can also be done for the same reason. After all of it would be done, you might undergo some speech therapy sessions to help you speak regularly if you’re vocal chords was affected, or do some facial reconstructions if the treatment has caused some deformities to you.

Now that you know all about those facts regarding throat cancer, you wouldn’t want to acquire such condition at the first place. Choose healthy lifestyle by eating balance diet meals, and do regular exercise routines every day. Additionally, annual check-up to your physician could do good in early detection of cancer cells.