Ashcroft – Quality Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

At some point in our lives, we will need industrial equipment. Maybe not like big companies that need on industrial equipment for ball milling and another for maintenance, but we will require small hand tools and other small-scale machinery for our home and certain projects. Purchasing equipment is a kind of investment since you’ll basically require one of each, use it every now and then and store it at home. Hence, always look for quality products, those that are worth their price if not more.


As a well known industrial equipment manufacturer, Ashcroft knows all too well that customers are out on a mission to purchasing products at lowered prices and heightened expectations. There’s also the factor of low-cost competition, so they need to adapt in order to remain as a profitable company. As one of the premier brands, they can provide just what the customers are looking for. Every day they strive to develop efficient and innovative tools and equipment that they know can improve a person’s workload, lower cost of production and expand the customization capacity of certain equipment.

Ashcroft is quite known for the reliable transducers they have; these transducers are able to provide measurements that are undeniably accurate and reliable. Another is the quick response time concerning real-time data collection specifically for the acquisition and PLCs systems. All switches are durable thanks to their SIL capability as well as explosion-proof enclosures; these switches are able to satisfy the every hazardous installation requirement.

For customers who have unique cases and problems, Ashcroft is able to offer their Customer Engineered Solutions; customers should expect complete and flexible designs regarding the product, expert engineers will be with them all throughout the process to offer suggestions and solutions. Ashcroft is more than just a company that manufactures and offers industrial equipment in the market.