How To Choose The Best Shark Vacuums?

Shark has introduced numerous reliable models having several different features to make the job of cleaning easy.You can always check out the shark vacuum reviews 2017 to find out which vacuums are in top 5 list.But that’s not the only thing that will help you in choosing the best vacuum cleaner. Here are some tips that you should consider for this purpose:

  • Weight: There are a lot of vacuums that are developed for home-use only and for that, it is important to determine factors such as the weight of the vacuum. It is obvious that one will require some strength when taking the vacuum to certain places such as upstairs or move it underneath furniture. Make sure the vacuum you are buying is not more than 15 pounds in weight.

  • Suction Power and Capabilities: You can easily measure the suction of a vacuum cleaner. They are even judged at their ability to lift water, which is called water lift and can be measured in inches. You can even determine the suction by looking at the cubic feet minute, or even the ‘air watts’. It is considered to be a combo of water lift and air flow. You must go for the one that has better ability of suction.
  • Steering: The most important aspect about vacuum cleaners is their steering. It should be smooth enough to move around the corners and to deal with typical paths and objects.

  • Add-Ons: The best thing about shark vacuums is that they are solid models. They are built with numerous features that make it easy for the person to operate each cleaner. By comparing it with other models, you will get to know about its worth.

With this information at hand, you will know which vacuum cleaner would be best to investment your money in.