Is Marijuana Useful Or Not?

If you take drugs then you surely hear about the marijuana because it is one of the most famous and commonly abused drugs which are taking by many people. This drug is made by the seeds, flowers, and leaves of the special plant which is cannabis. Many people have some queries regarding the marijuana and if you also have some doubts about the usefulness and harmful effects of using this drug then this article can solve all doubts. Red eyes, dry mouth, and anxiety are some short term side effects. Now I am going to give a brief description about weeds in the upcoming paragraphs.

Vital concept about marijuana

This drug is basically smoked by a pipe or handy-folded cigarette; in fact, it can also smoke as a blunt.  While many people inhale this like this but you can also mix this in the food. Marijuana is a dry mixture of brown and green flowers or leaves of cannabis. While it is banned in many states but it is used in a lot of medical programs. Is weed legal in Maryland is one of the biggest doubts in the people of this state. When they can get the answer of this then it can so easy for them to take this without any tension.

Dangers of marijuana

When we talk about the dangerous effects of taking this drug then the list is too long. It increases the heart rate of a person who is using this from a long time. In fact, by the excessive use of this, it also increases the anxiety and depression in the users.

People have to face a lot of mental health effects and respiratory problems. Some ladies use this in their pregnancy times which can affect a lot in the mind of the fetus.