A Spyera Review

Spyera is considered as a brand new kind of spyware that lets you check up on your kids or your employees even when you’re not with them. Compared to other spyware, Spyera has amazing control features that let you monitor and see exactly what your child or employee accesses on their targeted phones. Do take note that Spyera can’t block content that you don’t want the owner of the targeted phone to access; if you’re looking for spyware that blocks content then we, and other Spyera reviews cannot recommend this app.

Spyera Cell Phone Spyware

Much like other similar apps, Spyera has to be successfully installed on the device that you’re targeting; Spyera works on numerous platforms namely iOS phones, Androids, iPads, Blackberry and Symbian. After successful installation, all the virtually all of the activities on the targeted phone is uploaded safely on the user’s web account. The entire uploading process happens in a hidden and secure manner and can be completed through Wi-Fi or network data. Time intervals for the uploading of data is set beforehand, whatever the user prefers; the time can range from an hour to once every 24 hours.

Even though, as we mentioned, Spyera can’t block websites or content it’s still famous for being an outstanding spyware thanks to all its other features and below are some of them:

  1. Location tracking – Spyera helps the user locate the targeted device’s position with a little help from the existing GPS system.
  2. Monitoring Call History – users can easily view the targeted phone’s call history as well as all information regarding the call; name, number, call time and call duration.
  3. Live Listening – Spyera lets the user listen into live calls. They can also receive notifications whenever the targeted phone makes and receives calls from a specific number.