Exact Reason Behind Huge Time Taken To Announce El Chapo Verdict!

There have been some crazy activities going on in notorious drug world and it seems like the verdict on El Chapo case will take a little more time. We all have been searching exact reasons behind the delay but here we have some interesting information to share. First of all, we all need to understand, El Chapo is facing 10 cases and there are many minute elements of each case which should be studied in deep. Already panel of 12 persons consisting 8 women and 4 men are going through all the case and they are trying every bit to sort out the complicated case.

Complexity in Criminal Defense Cases

At our own level, we have tried hard to get in touch with a popular criminal defense lawyer named Jeff Lichtman and figured out the reasons behind the delay. According to the attorney, criminal cases are mostly hard to verdict as there are many ways to defend. Yes, the cases against El Chapo are very strong and with many evidences available, the final verdict could be expected soon. Still, the lawyer hired by the criminal is demanding some relaxation in the final verdict. Criminal defense attorneys are smart enough study all the elements and try to confuse the jury.

Final Words

Overall, El Chapo case verdict is expected to come soon after the 8 panel jury cover all the elements and able to make their mind. Yes, here it is worth to mention, even the toughest of verdict might not be able to have any negative impact on notorious drug market as already sons of El Chapo have taken the control. Still, we need to keep our fingers crossed and wait for the arrival of verdict in this particular case.