How Online Gaming Became So Profitable?


The market of online gaming is seeing it’s elevation like never before. The present era has seen a steep upward growth of the concept of online gaming. The process of online gaming or gamification has captured the attention of the majority of the Indian youth today. The business of gaming is avowed to be the biggest form of profitable entertainment.

Reasons for its proliferation:

1. Easy availability:

With the easy availability of smartphones among common people, the online gaming took it’s hold. Cheap and easily available makes them a luring concept. The common youth wants something refreshing and adventurous. This is easily provided by the online games. Without having to use expensive technical devices, a person can access a plethora of online games anywhere and anytime on his smartphone. 

2. Parallel run with the film industry:

Owing much to the film industry, a lot of online games are based on the films released. Thus, the popularity of the film industry also helped in making it a more profitable business. Being derived from interesting movies, the games lured a good amount of youth. Nowadays a lot of movies are being made based on popular games. This parallel running of both the industries contributes to increasing the profit of both of the systems.

3. Upgradation of quality:

With growing competition in this business, there a lot of new introductions in the field of online gaming. Nowadays, VR games are making heads turn. The use of artificial intelligence has also raised the levels of enthusiasm for online gaming in the youth.

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