Keeping up with your teenager: Supplements to support their active years

Teenage years are said to be the period in our lives where we are most active in doing a lot of things and curious about trying something new. Not that being active is a bad thing, but sometimes, having too much activity can take its toll on the body.

A quick google search can help you research the necessary supplements that they must have, like the article that you can find on In order to make sure that your teenage kids are well equipped for every activity, here are some of the supplements that you surely must-have in your home.

  1. Vitamin E helps your teens to prevent those annoying acne from breaking out on their faces and ruining their chances for a date night.
  2. Vitamin C and D both provides cartilage and bone development as well as help them attain maximum bone growth for them to grow tall and strong, perfect for your future NBA player or Fashion Model.
  3. Vitamin A helps keep their body grow stronger, as well as helps improve their optimal vision and provides them a strong immune system for fight of sickness and prevent them from getting sick.
  4. Vitamin B6 helps in breaking down liver hormones, and in preventing acne inflammation. It also helps avoid mood swings, particularly to your pre-pubescent girls and sugar-cravings to help maintain their proper blood-sugar levels.
  5. Riboflavin helps in the production of red blood cells and allows proper nerve function to help them have a clear and focus mind at all times.

Teenagers mostly spend their time doing activities that they love and we, as parents, can do our own way to help them by making sure that they have the necessary supplements that can help them maintain a healthy and active body, ready to do anything they want.