Top 3 Game Ideas For Scratch Beginners

Scratch games are relatively easy to create. But if you are a Scratch beginner, it may look daunting especially if you have littlebackground in coding. However, you have to think about it from this angle: your favorite Scratch games were created by someone who started out just like you did – with zero experience in coding. And if they can do it, so can you.

Here are the top 3 game ideas for Scratch beginners.

Knight Collects the Coins in the Castle

In creating the Knight game, Scratch beginners will learn how to control the sprite using the arrow keys, how to program the sprite to move randomly, and how to use ‘hide’ and ‘show’ blocks to make sprites appear and disappear in the game.

Forest of Danger

Forest of Danger is an ideal game for Scratch beginners. The game challenges students to learn how to move sprites around the screen. Scratch beginners learn how to speed up and slow down the speed of the sprites, and also learn how to teleport the sprites in an instant.

The Interview

In The Interview, Scratch beginners will learn how to create conversations between the player and the computer game. The game teaches the coder how to use the ‘ask’ and ‘answer’ blocks, and also teaches the coder how to use the ‘answer’ block in responses with the use of the ‘join’ strings block.

Scratch games are easy to play, and players can easily pass the time playing the hundred of Scratch game titles without the pressure that players usually get from the togel online community. That being said, Scratch games are easy to play because they are relatively easy to create. And as the list above suggests, you can create a Scratch game even with the most rudimentary knowledge in coding.