10 Sports Nutrition Myths To Stop Believing

What Kind of Nutrition Myth You Surely Need to Have

If you regularly play sports, then you probably at least once a month think about the results you have achieved and at the same time about the mistakes that you may be making during a certain period of time. A personal trainer can reveal the secrets, but in the case when you work out on your own, we will do it with pleasure.

Below are ten common myths about sports, recreation, and healthy snacks, which are important to stop believing as soon as possible.

The best time to practice is morning

In fact, it is best to train when it is convenient for you. The main thing is to do it consistently. So if you feel great, if you practice late in the evening, and in the morning you can’t bring yourself not only to go to the gym, but even to get out of bed with an alarm clock, you don’t need to torture yourself. With the right options for BandarQ this is the essential option.

To be in shape, you need to do twice a week

Indeed, even training once a week will be more beneficial to health than their complete absence. But if we talk about keeping the body in shape, then fitness experts agree that two times a week may be few.

Strength training turns fat into muscle

Physiologically speaking, these are two unusual tissues: adipose tissue is situated under the skin, between the muscles and internal organs. Muscle tissue, in turn, is spread throughout the body. Exercises with weight really help build muscle, but the amount of body fat does not decrease. The best way to get rid of fat is a healthy diet, including fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins, as well as, paradoxically, healthy fats (olive oil, fish). And some cardio exercises as a bonus.

Training – the best way to lose weight

If you want to lose weight , it is important to understand that it will not be enough just to work out everything that you have eaten. Nutritionists note that a significant weight loss in most cases begins after significant changes in eating habits.

Working with weight is only suitable for men

In fact, training with extra weight is a great way to strengthen your muscles, which has nothing to do with gender. Another thing is that due to the smaller amount of testosterone in the female body, they give a more noticeable and faster result in men.

Sports drinks help rejuvenate

Most of the sports drinks happens to be just water and sugar. That is why personal trainers warn us against drinking “magical water” before or after training. Instead, they advise you to compensate for the loss of fluid with ordinary water (you can with lemon, if you think it tastes better) and snack with high-protein.

The longer the workout, the more effective it is

Not ready to run a marathon? This is not necessary if you prefer intense, but short workouts. As for running, even for 5-10 minutes it will bring certain health benefits. Moreover, studies show that people who run less than an hour a day, but regularly, receive the same bonuses as people who run more than an hour, but less often.

A food diary helps to control the diet

When we make an effort to keep track of what goes into our stomach , it does not always benefit us. And the problem here is not only the need for total control over your diet, which automatically increases the level of stress (although in it too).