What Are The Benefits Of Gaming

How You Can Get All the Benefits for Gaming

No matter what angle you look at it, there is good and not so good when it comes to video games. So far there has never been such a lack of consensus in research on these games. No one is committed to what is really excessive, and there is a difference of opinion as to whether video games should be banned because of the negative consequences associated with their use, such as violence and aggression, or hailed as children to learn in a more playful and interactive way.

The link between violent video games and aggressive behavior cannot be denied. One of the best-known examples to date is the Columbine massacre. Although the exact motives of the massacre remain unknown, there is strong presumption that playing violent video games led Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold to coldly massacre 12 students and 1 teacher and injure 21 others. Most scientific studies have agreed with this point of view. Evidence suggests that violent video games can increase aggressive behavior and decrease empathy and social behavior. For the clash of clans juwelen hack this is important.

Video games can learn from resilience

Some video games are designed to foster perseverance. It is only through sustained effort that players reach the next level. Unlike everyday situations, players rarely respond to failure out of frustration. On the contrary, failure motivates them not to let go or change their strategies.

Video games promote creativity

In a recent study, researchers observed how 491 children aged 12 used computers, internet, video games and mobile phones. The study found that regardless of gender, race or type of play, children who play video games are more creative. Surprisingly, the use of computer, internet and mobile phone did not lead to similar creativity.

Video games help children develop cognitive skills

There is plenty of evidence that playing video games can help develop cognitive skills. According to a recent study, action games can improve the ability to learn new tasks. Those who regularly played action games became more attentive and were able to increase their reaction time. There was also a marked improvement in their spatial skills, that is, their ability to notice finer details.

Video games reduce stress

To analyze how video games could reduce depression and anxiety, a study looked at the impact of Bejeweled play in sick patients. The study found that those who played this game had reduced stress levels and concluded that simple games can help fight stress. These simple games include puzzle games or familiar games (cards or board games) that are very accessible to casual players.

Video games can promote prosocial skills

One study analyzed how to play pro-social video games that encourage cooperation could lead to the development of prosocial behaviors in the short and long term. Researchers undertook a large, multi-country study of different cultures, ages, and methodologies. The results showed that regardless of the age and culture of playing, children who played pro-social games developed prosocial behavior that lasted over time. The children who played these games had prosocial behaviors for example, they were always ready to help others at the beginning and even at the end of the year.

Strategy video games require players to think and plan their strategies to succeed. They favor strategy and tactics. Although many benefits have been associated with “video games”, the negative consequences of these games should not be overlooked. While research remains inconclusive about the possibility of transferring the benefits of these games to real life, it does suggest that choosing games that are appropriate for your child’s age and personality can lead to positive outcomes.