Digital Marketing in the Digital Age

Digital marketing has been the trend in most businesses worldwide. With the internet pretty much accessible to everyone, it makes all people a potential audience. Animated videos are starting to become an integral part of digital marketing. These provide a concise description of one’s business and at the same time captures the audience interest which consequently increases the chances of the targeted audience to engage.

Time to decide

If you’re running a business and is planning on making a video for digital marketing purposes, chances are you will need to outsource the task to an animation studio company. This can be daunting at times, as there are quite a number of animation studios in Singapore. But don’t fret, I’ve listed 10 things that one should look out for in choosing the right studio for the job.

  1. Look at their portfolio

This will give you an idea pretty much how the end result will be should you choose a potential animation studio. Check if their style in previous works fits your brand’s needs, or if the quality of animation meets your expectations. Music and sound quality should also be carefully scrutinized.

  1. Experience

Number of past projects tells you how experienced an animation studio is, and gives you an idea on their quality of work. If a lot of brands trusted them before, their work must good right?

  1. Do they get their message across?

Watching their previous works will let you know if the studio is effective at relaying the message you want to impart.

  1. It’s all in the style

You need to know if the style in animation of a studio would work on your intended audience.

  1. Demo reel

Their demo reel will give you an idea which aspects in video production a studio is strong at, and which ones they need to work on more. Soundtracks, camera movement, style, quality, and complexity of ideas can be easily seen by watching their demo reels.

  1. Voice overs

One of the most important aspect to keep in mind in choosing a studio. The quality of voice-over will determine how effectively the video can communicate with the audience.

  1. They’re love for their craft 

You always want to work with people who loves what they’re doing. Those that have intense passion and enthusiasm for their work often create the most fantastic things.

  1. Communication

When working with other people, communication is essential. The studio should be accessible and can be reached easily, and should be able to answer your queries during the production stage. This will help make sure you and the studio are in the same page on how you want the video to turn out.

  1. Working around a budget

This of course dictates how the direction of the entire production. How much are you willing to spends? Will the studio be able to work around your budget, and if so, will there be any changes in their services? Things like these should be discussed thoroughly with the studio to arrive at an agreeable compromise.

  1. Past client’s testimonials and reviews

It has been mentioned that the studio’s previous works will give you an idea if they’re the right agency for the task at hand. Check previous clients’ reviews and feedback to set your expectations.