Fraud in the field of computer repair

Computer repair business is very common amongst the computer users. Now people check online about the virus or any other short of problem with the computer. Here so many add of different apps but we are familiar with the names of these companies or applications. Instead of this we are going to provide them all the information they are demanding. Don’t do it, this really creates such a big problem for you. The scammer is able to control your bank accounts or the files that may contained in your pc. If you really want a good computer repair then must use the computer repair York pa it is a trustable site. you can visit here.

Don’t give your information to the computer repair scammer

Don’t give your personal information to the computer repair scammer. He will star you showing the things that you have to convince that you have virus or some other major or minor problems. He suggest you some things to do and remove virus from the computer. He is going to ask all personal information or hack every account of yours but computer repair York pa is not one of them. Or starts blackmailing and demanding for money. And you become computer repair scam victims.

How to prevent from these kinds of fraud

. Removal of internet connection from the computer if your computer isn’t online then the scammer is not able to control your computer. If you leave your computer with the internet connection then he still do damage by collecting your personal information, accessing your files or deleting your files.

.Block the number that’s calling you because he is not known he is a scammer. Starts threaten you and demanding for money. Prevent yourself from the trap designed by the scammer.

.Reach the bank and tell them about the computer repair scammer. Alert your bank that you have been the victim of computer repair scam. Get new bank card or setting up new accounts and secure your financial accounts.