Pokemon Go Coin Hack – Are The Coin Generators Real Or Fake?

Coins in Pokemon Go are very important. They’re essential for purchasing your basic needs in the game such as Poke Balls, Incense and Egg Incubators. Players can purchase coins for a price. But like in every game, the temptation to use cheats and certain hacks arise. In comes the search for a pokemon go münzen hack to be able to afford all those items you’ve been eyeing.

One popular hack is the alleged use of coin generators. A number of them have popped up through the years. Some have been taken down while others are still up to this day. But are these generators real or are they a scam just to fool you, or worse, ban you from the game.

Generators are easy to spot. They ask certain details such as your username and your OS device (whether you are an Android user or an iOS user). You are then asked to choose how many coins you’d like ranging from 1,000 to 999,999. It’s almost too good to be true. Until you click that generator button.

There’s always a catch. You’re not given the coins just yet. You are taken to a Human Verification page where you’re asked to download a free app. Some generators include instructions such as to install the app and use it for 30 seconds. Once you do, the generators claim they will send you the coins you chose.

So do you really get almost a million coins from doing such a thing? After a test where a user has done all the steps, the generator was not able to send over the coins. What happened was that the user was only able to fall prey on an ad that is masked as a Human Verification page. Not only were you able to provide your Pokemon Go username but you have also downloaded an app that could possibly be harmful to your phone.

Cheats and hacks may be a shortcut in getting what you want in Pokemon Go, but always be wary and search up on such scams before doing so. You don’t want to get yourself banned from the game or end up with an annoying and malicious adware instead.