4 Tips and Techniques For Safe and Risk-Free Sex

Practice the use of condoms

Aside from common use of preventing unwanted pregnancy, condoms can also protect against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The practice of using condoms is important for maintaining good sexual health, especially if you have multiple sexual partners.

Even if you are only engaged in oral sex, using a condom is still recommended.

Have only one sexual partner

Having one sexual partner will extremely reduce, if not eliminate the risk of contracting STDs such as HIV and AIDS. You will want to wear a condom when you are having sex with multiple partners, but if you are sure that your partner has no STDs, you can take out the condom to enjoy some steamy raw sex.

Aside from its protection against STDs, it will also increase your happiness and satisfaction. This is because you can be romantic with your single partner, which will make sex even better.

Check yours and your partner body for signs of STDs

Regularly check the body of your partner for symptoms of STDs such as sores, discharges, rushes, and other skin problems. This is really crucial if you have a lot of sexual partners. Regular check-ups in regard to sexual health such as pap test, tests for STDs and pelvic tests are recommended.

Use safe sex toys

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