Read Professional Tips To Clean Your Bathroom Sink!

Do you wish to keep your bathroom clean and neat all the times? However, are you unable to achieve the perfect clean? Well, do not worry! Read the tips mentioned in this article to clean your bathroom sink properly.

  • Allow the cleaning water to do the magic. Simply fill your bathroom sink with a few inches of hot water. Now, add your favorite bathroom cleaner or simply a cup of white vinegar. You have to rub the mixture around the sink faucet. In the water, dip the rag and wipe down the counter top. Let it sit for 10 minutes and drain the sink. Wipe off the sink with the dry cloth.
  • Try to pay more attention to drain as you allow water to run every morning. When the water begins to drain slowly, you may have to clear the strain. Brushing hair and shaving over the sink will block the water pathway. Firstly, you should remove the drain stopper and look whether you can eliminate the clog yourself. When it is too far down, purchase unclogging gel from the store and use it according to the instructions
  • Currently, many homes have modern vanities to transform the bathroom look but it is quite hard to clean them. To do cleaning vanities, you should have certain tools such as a dry rag, microfiber cloth, distilled vinegar, and bathroom cleaner spray. Once you have everything, spray the sink and taps with bathroom cleaner. After some time, wipe out the sink with the microfiber Use the vinegar solution to deep clean the sink.

  • For cleaning the smelly drain, rub some baking soda around the sink in the paste form by mixing it with water. Scrub the paste throughout the sink and remove it with water. Finally, use a dry cloth to remove excess water