Fishing for Lies of an Immigration Lawyer

One common thing that every person in this world hates is lying. When a person lies to you, especially if it is one of your loved ones, it hurts so much that it is hard to trust their words again. When you give your trust to other people, most likely to strangers, you should be extra cautious to them because they might only after something to you. Scammers are already scattered around the globe so be careful when hiring or getting people to do some work for you as they might be one of those people.

This also applies when getting an immigration lawyer to help you in processing things or in solving an issue in court. There will be times that you will caught them lying to you. Here are some common things that immigration lawyers lie about:

  1. Promises

Some attorneys will give you guarantees that a favorable outcome will result from the proceedings. If this happens, this means that the lawyer is just merely attracting you to their profession. This can be considered a lie as an outcome can only considered by the client as favorable if they are condemned as qualified. The final decision will always goes to the immigration.

  1. Tell lies on your application

There will be lawyers that will tell you to provide false data on your application which is not ethical and may lead your application to be disapproved immediately. Being in jail is also a probable consequence wherein the lightest punishment you can have is deportation and criminal fraud prosecution will be the worst of all.

  1. Connections

If you ever find a lawyer boasting his/her achievements of applications being approved due to his/her connections, this might mean that they are only after your money. He/she might not be even a lawyer and just scamming you for his/her own benefits. You should always be careful to such people.