The Pros And Cons Of Pdf File Converter

Adobe Photoshop is known for editing and cropping photos.  It is also the developer of file converters and turning all image files into PDF format.

PDF is Portable Document File which is the file use and accepted by all computer types.  Like for example, you have taken a photo or image, it is automatically saved in the JPEG or PNG format.

If you will send the picture to an incompatible PC, the receiver will not be able to view the image unless they convert it to PDF.

Though it may sound a bit of a hassle, file conversion is just simple if you are familiar with the system and with how to do it.  However, people who are not tech savvy will find it difficult to convert.

Should You Pay For File Conversion?

  1. There are many available File conversion online that are being offered for free. Take advantage of the free png to pdf online converter.  It is easy and free to use.

Knowing how PDF file conversion can help us.  It also has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s find out the advantages and disadvantages of PDF file conversion.


  1. PDF is basically serving its purpose. It turns and converts any files to a file compatible with all computers. You can literally view, print and save the document under this format.
  2. PDF is made for easy viewing. While Adobe is installed in your PCs for free, then PDF file conversion is accessible and easy to use.
  3. You can actually lock the document. By providing a security password, your file is protected and can never be subjected to unauthorized editing or changing data.


  1. Though PDF is free for online conversion. Editing the PDF file is not for free.
  2. Besides being a paid program, PDF file editing is not relatively easy because it requires a special program or software to do that.

In almost everything, there is always the pros and the cons, the two sides of the coin.  You better weigh both and think if PDF file converter is important to you or not.