Useful Features Of Using Vpn

For additional security when accessing internet, VPN or Virtual Private Network keeps your network more secure and hides your identity when it matters most. But, little did we know, VPN also exhibits certain features that most of us are not aware to begin with. So, let’s list some of the items that VPN has aside from network security.

If you want to purchase items or download files that are not available in your region, you can use VPN to bypass a network check and use the “identity” of your connection based on the region where your item or file is stored. Aside from that, since VPN provides additional security when you access internet, this is useful when you are a frequent public Wi-Fi user. VPN provides additional layer of protection that potential security issues will have a hard time penetrating your personal information.

If you want to maintain discreet identity when downloading sensitive files that may contain security issues, VPN resolves your issue as it hide sensitive information such as IP address and origin of downloader. With VPN, you can also stream videos that are blocked in your current region. But there are streaming apps that is geographically locked, one way to resolve this is to use VPN.

And probably this one feature of VPN will be beneficial to all, is to bypass traffic shaping set by your Internet Service Provider. This happens when you reached a certain threshold in terms of bandwidth usage. VPN allows you to bypass this and speed throttle will also be avoided.

But before you purchase or subscribe to any VPN subscription, be sure to read source and check the benefits and fees it has. There are a lot of sites offering affordable VPN. Make sure it has the feature you need before you splurge.