3 Best Tools For Creating PDF E-Book

What is an E-book? It is a digital version of any book. Writers these days prefer to publish their work on E-books rather than on paperback. It is cost effective for the writers as well as the readers. Planning to write an e-book yourself? Well, then, you must be looking for ideas on the best possible tools for your project? You need not worry anymore. The article below offers a brief on the top tools that will enable you to create PDF e-book

Here are the essential tools that you need to create a PDF E-book and launch it.

  1. IBOOKS AUTHOR- This tool helps you to create your E-book without much hassle. You can use it to create your document and then make doc to pdf conversion by exporting it as a PDF file. The tool is bustling with innumerable templates suggestions for you to choose from. Besides, you would also be able to build your own template as per your preference. These templates come for free. It might look tough to work with it but the tool gets easy once you get a hold of it. This app is available for free to MAC users.
  2. ADOBE INDESIGN- It is one of the most widely acclaimed tools that you can use to create your E-book. Authors are often forced to hire designers to design their e-books for them and that’s a costly venture. But, Adobe Indesign will save you from such unwanted expenses. This feature-rich tool makes your work quick and saves your time to a great extent. And yes, this software is supported by all operating system.
  3. BEACON- It’s a famous WordPress plugin which is designed to convert blog posts right into smart e-books in PDF or HTML5 formats. As a Beacon user, you will be able to specify the articles to be converted. You will even be able to filter them as per category. Beacon is available for free.