Different Parts Of Crochet Hook And What Will Be The Best To Buy?

Crocheting is among of the hobbies that people usually love the most. For making the crochet adorable, you need to choose the best hook. Haaknaalden often come in different sizes and brands, and you need to select the best as not hooks give equal relaxation and are created equal.

Let us know different parts of the crochet hook and its description about what is best about it and which one you should buy:-

  1. Handle of hook

The handle is the part that will stay in your palm only if you have a knife-grip. You can find the handle made of different materials and different brands in the market. The most used shapes have the same shape and size as shaft, or it can be economically shaped. It is suggested to buy economically shaped before trying because it is not suitable for everyone.

  1. Thumb rest

It is the part of the hook where thumb tends to rest, and only some of the crochet hooks have a thumb rest part in it.

  1. Shaft

The shaft is a part that is in between the head and the handle of the hook. Shaft makes it easy to make the stitches as it requires loading. Try to buy the shaft that is easy to get stuck at the top of the handle.

  1. Throat

There are mainly two types of throats- inline and tapered. Both have a little difference in between them as in inline hooks, the head is of the same size of the shaft and is easy to stick in the top whereas, in tapered hooks, the head is beyond the shaft and is tapered. Tapered hooks are much easier to use than inline hooks.

Moving further, those parts mentioned above are needed to taken care of before buying a new crochet hook as it provides you ease and comfort.